“Recording the music for this CD was a dance unto itself. The invitation was to let the music become the dance and to play from very clear images and archetypes. Melissa’s vision was palpable, pure and and energizing. Along with Meagan’s musical midwifery skills and the deep love and practice shared by the musical team, making this CD was a birth like none other!”
— Eyal Rivlin, Musician and Educator

What people are saying about this music and the Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers

“Absolutely amazing!! Soulful, sexy, expanding, rooted, blissful! Magical, delightful and so satisfying! Loved the surprise and depth and range and magic and surrender it evoked in me!”

“The dance is the most sacred mix of being fully embodied and grounded into this beautiful planet while also being completely expanded and one with cosmos. I am full in the dance.”

“Deep rhythms, sweat, energetic opening… Love explodes in a flash… unity of a rightness of all things descends. I am okay. I am loved. I am love. Thank you musicians!”

“A legacy. Divine gift. From one heart to hand, to hand to heart received. Fun! Alive!”

Music for Dance: IGNITE!
Double CD

A Moving Rites of Passage Journey

Co-created by Melissa Michaels & the Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers

In response to diverse people’s longing for deep exploration and cultivation of themselves as creative change agents, we offer movement-based rites of passage experiences round the world. This music maps the moving journeys we make from the body … to the soul … to global service. Listen to the music. Move to it. Let it be a dancing ritual, a community resource, a friend to all seeking to find new ground within and in the world. In these times of great potential and challenge on planet Earth, humanity is being invited to rise up and live with radical authenticity, aligning inner and outer truths for the well being of all. This music is archetypal, universal, and real. Grown from the sacred soils of thousands of people dancing around the world through the instruments and love of a band of mighty musicians dedicated to peace and collaborative creativity, this music is funky and alive. Turn it on and let it turn you on!

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– Sheela Bringi
– Gabriel Cannon
– Meagan Chandler
– Jonathan Davis
– Mikael Gerzon-Kessler
– Gayan Gregory Long
– Tosha Jay
– Joe Lukasik
– Celia Macedo
– Jesse Mano
– Charles Parker Mertens
– Melissa Michaels
– Eyal Rivlin
– Jeremy Roske
– Christopher Sassano
– Michael Stanwood
– Tom Wasinger