Greetings dear Dancing Friends,

I am writing to invite you to a special Golden Bridge Light Raiser on December 15th. Please let me tell you why.

As a fire burns brightly in our home, I am awed at the simple beauty of this light that brings such warmth to our family. We gather around it. We count on. We learn about ourselves through contemplation upon it. How can we, too, radiate our essential nature so purely, so generously, so consistently?

Basically, all that is needed is breath and wood, spirit and matter.

Golden-Star-Light    At the age of 21 years, I was exposed to the wisdom teachings of Sri Aurobindo, a East Indian Mystic and Activist. His words … In matter shall be lit the Spirit’s glow … moved me to my core. Oh, that’s it! Ignite the light through everything, not just the fire place, Melissa. That is your life’s work.

For the past three decades, that has been one of the primary mandates guiding my inner and outer work. Not always easy, but so rewarding as we learn to shine despite and because of it all.

So as we turn to these holidays and contemplate the massive confusion and break down all around us on this precious planet, I share what has now become a deep prayer with you. With great courage, steadfast love, and clear seeing, may we help transform all that is within and around us into kindness, into beauty, into truth. May we each become the miracle needed in these times. May our light ignite and endure through the complexities of life’s cycles ahead.

Looking at the young people I work with around the world, it is clear to me that so many are living this mandate, despite the environmental and social challenges all around them. In my upcoming book, Youth On Fire, I write about them extensively. But for today, I want to share a bit about some of them. All of them are uniquely integrating the SomaSource® arts of body, heart, and soul into their work. In body-centered ways, they are running girls groups for one time invisible girls on four continents. They are climbing out of the prison industrial complex, once and for all. They are working in schools, with gang members, with drug addicts in recovery, with communities in conflict. They are teaching children about being in right relationship with their earth, their food growing, with one another, with their indigenous arts. They are giving back.

On December 15th here in Boulder, during our weekly Movement Mass, we will host our annual Golden Bridge Fundraiser, essentially what we are calling a Light Raiser. When the young people who we support through our not for profit ask, how can I repay all of this, I have one response. Take what you have learned here and use it for your own healing and that of your people’s. Whether we are supporting them as they participate in our work or supporting them with other educational, medical, or therapeutic needs, these young people find a way to transform their darkness into light and become the resources the world needs. In that spirit, we keep raising funds so that we can help open these small doors to so many emerging leaders.

I hope that you will join us.

Early this coming year, I will be working in Africa with girls learning about their first blood; with Hutu and Tutsi youth leaders building a movement of peace, together; with women across race and class; with educators, parents, diverse people dedicated to building golden bridges of light.

Thus the funds generated in our community will first and foremost support our local community needs. They will also continue to support some of these friends across the seas.

Please join us for this special Movement Mass, December 15th, a hearty dance, a fundraiser, and a Surfing The Creative® Reunion … a time for us to celebrate where we have been and to briefly share where we are going. We will still have a one hour dance. Additionally, we will introduce you to some of our youth leaders who are carrying torches of light into the world.

We will invite any of you who are moved to Light Raise with us to make a financial contribution to these powerful sparks emerging on the world scene.

In fact if you are moved, join us through out the year for all kinds of moving journeys, from our Embodying Life’s Rhythms workshop this coming weekend, to our annual Winter Solstice Movement Mass, to Shakti Sisterhood, to our monthly women’s dances, to much more.

Whether on our dance floor or another, let’s keep stoking these inner fires. The world needs all of our warmth to help tend to the global heat.

With great respect for your good works and the ways you show up … in our community,
near and far ~

I send my love.