JULY 30th – AUGUST 3rd, 2018

A training in how to incorporate the arts of body, heart, and soul into your work with diverse young people

This week-long journey will include a rigorous reflection on our own adolescent development and how that has shaped our destiny. We will consider the developmental needs of the emerging adult and how our culture meets them or not. From there, we will re-imagine what is possible for the spirit of youth in all of us. Drawing from Dr. Michaels’ 30+ years of working with young people around the world, we will address creative, spiritually inspired, and inclusive ways to meet the needs of young people around the world, including parts of ourselves that we may have lost along the fast moving and rugged waters of adolescence. Our focus will be on the expressive arts and how they specifically can address the developmental needs of creative young people emerging onto the world stage.

Our focus together will include:

    • Grounding in soma and Source for our work with youth. Respecting the power of embodiment for youth development.
    • Understanding the developmental mandates for adolescence. Honoring the emerging soul.
    • Cultivating tools for tending to the body, heart, mind, soul of youth (and adults). Learning how the arts can be used to cultivate conscious adulthood.
    • Respecting and celebrating difference. How do we orient ourselves when leading within complex diverse communities?
    • Creating a community rite of passage experience supporting emergence. Focus will be on the application of these principles into one’s life and work
    • Honoring one’s true gifts as a leader. What is emerging and what are the specific steps for embracing these gifts?

Training Schedule:

  • Monday, July 30th – August 3rd: Each day, all day at the StarHouse
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings: Special events in different environments, to be announced.


  • $550 – $750 Sliding Scale Youth On Fire Training + Follow up Group Online Mentoring in September
  • $100 Lunches Monday – Friday

Room and Board for out of town guests not included.
Please contact our office for more information about our shared housing and dining facilities.

Application for Youth On Fire Training in Boulder, 2018:

Note: This is not a 5Rhythms® Training. For those who are interested in that specifically, please go directly to their website for more information. Thank you.