Movement Mass

~ Align with the Divine ~

Sunday Mornings, 10:45 am – 12 noon

Join together in celebratory community to remember our wholeness and
to amplify our sacred work in these times of great change.

No Dance experience is necessary, only a longing to move with life in authenticity and love.
All are Welcome.


June 5 – Avalon Ballroom
June 12 – BCC
June 19 – Avalon Ballroom Summer Solstice & Opening of Surfing the Creative Youth Camp
June 26 – Avalon Ballroom
July 3 – Avalon Ballroom
July 10 – Avalon Ballroom
July 17 – Avalon Ballroom
July 24 – Avalon Ballroom
July 31 – NO MASS
Aug 7 – Avalon Ballroom
Aug 14 – Avalon Ballroom
Aug 21 – Avalon Ballroom
Aug 28 – Avalon Ballroom
Sept 4 – Avalon Ballroom
Sept 11 – BCC
Sept 18 – Avalon Ballroom
Sept 25 – Avalon Ballroom
Oct 2 – Avalon Ballroom
Oct 9 – BCC
Oct 16 – Avalon Ballroom
Oct 23 – Avalon Ballroom
Oct 30 – Avalon Ballroom
Nov 6 – Avalon Ballroom
Nov 13 – NO MASS
Nov 20 – Avalon Ballroom
Nov 27 – Avalon Ballroom
Dec 4 – Avalon Ballroom
Dec 11 – BCC
Dec 18 – Avalon Ballroom
Dec 25 – NO MASS

Time: 10:45am (warm up), Mass ~ 11 a.m. – 12 noon

Fee: $12-$18 sliding scale

All proceeds support youth leaders from around the world during their Surfing the Creative® Rites of Passage Journeys

Tax deductible donations are always welcome.

* Occasionally, a team of apprentice dance leaders will guide Movement Mass in Melissa’s absence.


  • Avalon Ballroom – 6185 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO 80303
  • Boulder Circus Center – 4747 N. 26th St. Boulder, CO (Off of 28th St., just north of Jay Rd.)

Avalon’s Policy:
Children attending events at the Avalon must be with a parent or supervising adult and must stay with that adult in the dance space rented for the event.  Children are not to “play” in the common areas including the entrance lobby and bathrooms, unused dance spaces, or roam about the building.  When not traveling to or from the bathrooms, children should be in the dance area with their parent or responsible adult so they can be supervised or, better yet, participate in the dance event.

Movement Mass Guidelines

Each of these guidelines have been developed through decades of shared experience. They aim to help keep us safe and connected during our short time together each week.

1) We are a sober dance environment.

2) Please arrive on time. If you are late, please plan to come the next time. We aim to begin and end together.

3) No gum chewing (ever) on the dance floor.

4) Please do not use recording media of any kind during Movement Mass. No iphones, cameras, etc. Thank you.

5) Although most of us dance in bare feet, we understand the need for some people to wear supportive shoes during the dance. If you need to wear shoes, our request is that you have appropriate indoor dance footwear during Movement Mass. Socks must be removed for safety.

6) Please keep your shirts on during and after the dance. This honors different cultural norms along with creating equity for all. Some people are simply uncomfortable with that amount of bare skin. Thank you.

7)  Children are welcome if they are being tended at all times by their parents. We cannot have children running around. They are welcome to witness or participate. If you are interested in having your children participate in a concurrent movement program for young people during Movement Mass, please let us know.

8) Please do not touch one another in the dance unless you have asked permission to do so. If someone is in the midst of a process, your contact could be helpful or highly disruptive. Thank you for considering carefully if it is your need or the other person’s need when you reach out.

9) We have a highly trained support team in the room each week. These gifted leaders wear purple ribbons for identification. They may approach you to see if you seem to be moving through a process that could use some support. Feel free to let them know what you need, from space to contact. They are trained to sensitively help you find ground and integration amidst large movements of energy.

10) No strong perfumes or essential oils. Out of respect for our fellow dancing community we request that people refrain from wearing strong perfumes or essential oils in the dance space. We have dancers who are chemically sensitive and we wish to create a space where everyone can dance.

11) We welcome your suggestions, questions, and needs. Please feel free to leave us a note in our suggestion box on the Welcome table outside Movement Mass. Please let us know your name and number so that we can dialogue with you directly. Thank you.


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